27 December 2009

Counting down to the new decade!

Time passes so fast! In another 4 days, it will be 2010!

Time for some new year resolution:

1) Be Happy
2) Be Myself
3) Be thankful
4) Be Optimistic
5) Be Passionate
November and December are such eventful months, it's a period of reflection, travelling and planning!

I love Japan and will definitely go back again!

09 October 2009




06 October 2009




02 August 2009

Back to 1991

This recording in S'pore studio (it was called TCS then) is so classic and funny!
The dancers' steps are totally not synchronized with aaron's during 对你爱不完.
The part on 我是不是该安静地走开 was much better... realised that aaron is still as memerizing when singing emo songs even though he was lip-synching...heh..

02 July 2009

A Slice of Life- Go with the Flow

Life is like a raging river. There is constant flow. In fact, agitation and movement are essential for life to endure. Stagnant waters breed disease and decay.

So when life decides to throw a rock at us, like when we lose a job or partner, don’t lose heart. Don’t negatively judge events or circumstances that initially seem “bad” or “unfortunate”. Things don’t happen by accident, and mistakes or misfortunes are simply precursors for positive change.

We can’t control things like losing a job or losing a partner. Loss is essential for growth and survival. When we experience loss or some other stressful change in our lives, we can give in to negative feelings like anger, disappointment, self-pity, self-loathing, trepidation and fear. We can allow these emotions to strain our mind, effectively crippling its ability to discover viable solutions. We can imagine the worst, and let something that may not come to pass affect our present state of mind.

Or we can go with the flow of change. Some things in our lives have to go in order to make way for better things. The Universe has a way of nudging us along when we get too lazy, complacent or comfortable. Occasionally, it gives us a big shove. The Universe knows when stagnation is making us fat and feeble. It knows when something in our lives has to shift in order for us to continue growing. It then arranges for people and events to push us towards what we were meant to be.

Most people however, choose to resist or ignore the signs. They are so firmly embedded in the riverbed that they refuse to let the currents lift them away. The years go by, and along with them, a flood of lost opportunities… and the stubborn rocks are finally left buried under algae and dirt.

If you’ve recently lost your job, lost a partner or something you felt was valuable to you, think… Were you really happy with your job?

Did you put your dreams on hold because you were trapped in a wake up, go to work, go home, go to bed routine? Had you stopped growing in that job? Did nothing excite you anymore about your work? What about your ex-partner? Were you really good for each other? Or were you hanging on because you were afraid of being alone?

You didn’t have the time nor the nerve to go out and do what you really wanted to do. Well, now you do!

Go with the flow of change!

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